Project Description

Thompson 1928 West Hurley Submachine Gun

Transferable Civilian Legal in Pristine Condition. You won’t see another Original West Hurley with Low 3-Digit Serial Number ANYWHERE!

MINT CONDITION. This is the Thompson to OWN! 

Original 1928 West Hurley Auto-Ordnance Thompson Machine Gun. One of the cleanest you will ever see. Has spent its life locked away in a safe. Fires absolutely flawlessly with a rate of fire in the mid 700’s. The bolt can be cocked with your pinky finger, smooth! This American classic will be the highlight of any collection. Don’t let this one slip away, it’s a beauty. Truly a museum quality firearm.


  • Seymour 30 Round Magazine
  • Auto-Ordnance 50 Round Type “L” Magazine
  • Additional Pictures and Information on request.

Attention: Please contact us BEFORE placing your bid! We will transfer tax free to your local Class 3 dealer ONLY. Your Class 3 dealer will complete the transfer to the buyer. Please check local laws before ordering. This is a NFA item. All NFA rules apply.